Master Glass Fiber Survey Analysis Report in Most Acclaimed 100 Brands of Pakistan

Master Glass Fiber Survey Analysis Report in

Most Acclaimed 100 Brands of Pakistan

It’s also published in web of Brands Award
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Master Glass Fiber is one of the leading manufacturers of fiber glass products in Pakistan . It has achieved the certificate of international management quality system ISO 9001:2000. Master Glass Fiber tanks have been exclusively designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest technology. Wide range of food grade water storage tanks in various design and sizes is their specialty. In Pakistan the most valued customers of MGF tanks are The United Nation, Government organizations, Defense forces, MNC’s, educational institutes, hotels and hospitals.

Water storage tanks are considered in the category of durables and therefore, long service life and durability are the most preferred criterion for such products. Master Fiber Tanks have been rated at the top in its category in the consumer’s survey which reflects strong consumers’ confidence on the Quality of the products. This status needs to be maintained and improved through continuous investment in development and innovation in the product.

Familiarity, Affordability and Availability all have been rated equal after the attribute of quality which indicates a very satisfactory position of the brand. The availability of food grade water storage tanks needs to be advertised more objectively as the health consciousness is increasing day by day and this can prove to be a very strong selling point.

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